Friday, July 20, 2018

How Big Is Your God?

Dear Parishioners,

I remember reading a book called How Big Is Your God? by Paul Coutinho, SJ. He says, “God is beyond names. God is tremendous, God is awesome, God is personal. God is very close to me but he is also the big thing out there, the transcendent God, the omnipotent God, the mysterious God” (pg. 58). It is easy to think we know who God is. We all have our ideas based upon what we were taught, our reading of scripture and our experience of God. But God is above all that. He is transcendent. We know God by his abundant revelation. He has revealed himself.

In deacon formation, we were told that if we think we have a grasp of God, let it go for God is more than that. At a recent Cherish event, Fr. Vin Ariskwu of Christ the King Parish spoke about the magazine he started called The Family Apostolate, an informative and well done production certainly informed by Holy Spirit! Recently I was at a meeting where several parishioners reported on their experiences at the Divine Revelation Conference in Nova Scotia. They were on fire from the presence of the Holy Spirit at the conference. My granddaughter is back home from a month long stay in the hospital and is getting back to her old self, thank you Lord! Do we know where and how God will manifest himself in our lives? Do we really understand the creative power of God or what his sovereignty really means? His Spirit is working in the world, all over the place and has been from eternity. This is something we should glorify, be thankful for, and acknowledge clearly and strongly with our lives. Let us open ourselves up to that power of goodness that is God and trust in Him.

“Happy those whose trust is the Lord” – Psalm 40

Deacon Steve