Friday, September 28, 2018


Dear Parishioners,

Well, we have encountered the beginning of fall. You can feel it in the air, just a little cooler. Some trees agree with a few yellowing and reddening leaves. I appreciate the changing of the seasons. God has given us a world that is immensely interesting and changeable. My wife and I took a long walk on the eastern shore. The diversity of the trees was amazing. What was truly inspiring was the number and diversity of the butterflies we encountered. There were large Monarchs, black and purple ones, white ones. We saw several small, half-inch butterflies. And along the beach were numerous pieces of driftwood. Each was somewhat different in shape and hue. How can this be? The diversity of the world reflects the imagination of God. Just as every face of the people we meet is different, so are the manifestations of life: trees, butterflies, driftwood, clouds. I know that there are many troubles in this world. There are the effects of a terrible hurricane and its devastating and destructive impact on an entire region of the country. There are places in the west lost to raging fires. And there is a 6-year old civil war in Syria that has displaced millions and destabilized Europe. Yet in the midst of this turmoil, which we pray for, God offers us a simple and beautiful piece of the world to be in. Amid the strife and agony, there are small places of joy locked up in the presence of a small butterfly. Thank you Lord for your beauty and diversity.

Your wondrous imagination leads us to appreciate your greatness and creation. Thank you for the world you have given us. Help us to live in it with respect and appreciation, seeking not to destroy it with our selfishness and desire. It is a gift that sustains us. Make us wise in our use of it.

Deacon Steve