Friday, December 28, 2018

The Best New Year’s Resolutions

Dear Parishioners,

I wonder why there is such emphasis placed on New Year’s resolutions? I guess for some things, we need a reason to start or a deadline to begin. I don’t know. I am not good with these resolutions. But as far as improvement goes, I can always use some of that! I don’t need the calendar to tell me. Christ holds up such ideals and such wisdom. I can certainly pray more and pray better. There is such pain and suffering in the world, and just with the small group of people that I know. How about the larger society or the bigger world? My prayer could be more intense, too. How many times am I interrupted or my attention sways? They say that God knows what we ask for before we ask. But I think it helps to be on the same page. So, God help me to pray this year. I spend lots of time in the car in silence or with the radio on. Maybe I could do a rosary or listen to a religious CD? God, help me to use my time for you.

I enjoy my perspective of the Mass from the altar, especially at communion. People come to communion with all sorts of expressions and need. But I get distracted and worry about what I have to say or do. God, give me patience and true trust in you. I have done a lot of ministry. I have done retreats and work with men, youth, and couples. But am I present to others who need to hear God’s word or to feel God’s presence? Lord, give me the energy and focus to minister to your people in a way that is healing and faithful. And Lord, help me always to be open to your Spirit who teaches and enlivens and leads us to You! Well how’s that for 2019? I think I will have a busy year!

Deacon Steve