Friday, February 8, 2019

Thank God For Life

Dear Parishioners,

Our family has been graced with another child! Little Harper Joy was born a week and a half ago to my daughter and her husband. She is, of course, very cute. Although it was getting tense around our house with a cranky pregnant lady, that has changed with the presence of this small and delicate infant. You forget how small they come. Her delicate hands that grasp your finger, her small mouth and nose, those sleepy eyes that reveal little blueish circles of color. Of course she has no hair as is our family manner! Is it not a miracle the whole process of conception, pregnancy and birth? How is it that God has given us so much responsibility in having children, so much need to take care of health and diet, so much grace in the glow and general joy of pregnancy (well most of the time), and so much hope and optimism in the starting of new life? We have been given such a gift by God in this process of renewal, generation and creation. How tenderly does a new mother hold her new born child. How loving is her voice. How caring is her touch. It is a great pleasure to behold and see the warmth and welcome that this little one has been given. How anyone could harm one such as this is beyond me. But life can become cruel in its suffering and turmoil. So thank you Lord for the powerful recognition of your generous gift of life that visits us with such joy and presence. Thank you for the witness of your creative power. Thank you for your smile upon our humble lives in the form of this small and precious being. We can only repay you by living rightly and joyfully. For all that is wrong about our world, there are still some things that call us to rest in the love of God.

Deacon Steve