Friday, March 22, 2019

St. Patrick Bazaar… a Rousing Success!

Dear Parishioners,

If you missed the St. Patrick Bazaar held in our school Friday a week ago, you missed out on a great time. In the morning, the children joyfully participated in many games and won more than a few prizes as they indulged in cotton candy and popcorn. The afternoon and evening brought out our teens and adults as they socialized, fed on the excellent food from the kitchen, and enjoyed a glass or two in the adult beverage category. I even got involved in spinning the wheel at the “Fun in the Sun” booth.

As the afternoon turned to evening, Fr. Steve Hook, the pastor of Our Lady of the Chesapeake joined me for dinner and a tour of our activities. I think he was impressed, especially after he won a prize at the whiskey wheel—a prize he won’t be able to appreciate until Lent is ended. While it was gratifying to see young and old enjoying themselves and spending money to benefit the school, it was even more so to see our teachers, school staff, parents of current and former students, pitching in their talents in support.

Even more amazing was the clean-up effort afterwards. Volunteers started as soon as the bazaar ended. They worked late Friday evening and started early Saturday morning until finished. When I went in Sunday, I couldn’t believe that the bazaar had ever taken place. The floors were immaculate and the tables set up for lunch. Thanks, many thanks to all who worked so hard. It was a rousing success!

May God bless you all.
Fr. Carl